Montroze "Escape" EP - Review

With their third EP "Escape" set for release mid-September, Montroze, Bath-based rockers, have a compiled a selection of six songs that aim to capture the essence of the band's best quality. According to vocalist, Jason Bishop, "we wanted to replicate our live sound, and write a release that was still raw but with a professional quality to it." If you've ever been to a Montroze show, you'll know that this means high-energy guitars with great dynamic alongside a strong and emotive vocal performance.

Track List:

  1. Escaping

  2. Shameful You

  3. Contemplation

  4. A Breath

  5. Pages of a Different Book

  6. Escaping Part II

The opening song, "Escaping", is a great example of the energy offered from Montroze and is a perfect choice for a leadoff track. Breaking in with a single guitar and ripping on one simple power chord seizes attention immediately, followed by a groovy rhythm and drumbeat that lead us into the first verse and waste no time as the chorus approaches next just thirty-three seconds in. With “whoa’s” underneath a floating melody and encouraging lyrics “it gets better than this, you’ll be alright kid…” the chorus is easily memorable and the definite standout moment for the song.

The lead single, “Shameful You”, is a bit of a departure from the other songs on the EP. Carried by a slower, controlled tempo it really allows for individual shining moments from each member that is highlighted well through strong composition and song writing. Both soft and aggressive vocal spots, strategic bass runs, snappy guitar and complimentary drums are consistent through the song’s entirety and offer a glimpse into the direction and sound that Montroze is pushing toward.

The third track, “Contemplation”, is the most emotionally driven, and showcases one of Montroze’s strongest suits. Stripping down to acoustics and focusing directly on the vocals, lyrics and melody, Jason is able to highlight a full, dynamic range as he belts out relatable notions like “I try to take on the world by myself, and I’ll turn down everybody’s help” as well as “I’ve built these walls so high, to keep everyone out”. A familiar theme in song writing but there's a nice touch of resolution to the concept through the line “maybe one day you’ll pass right through… I want you to" which portrays some vulnerability.

Turning the corner at the halfway point is the aptly titled fourth song, “A Breath”, which is a thirty-four second instrumental and transitions fairly seamlessly into “Pages of a Different Book”, an upbeat number that can be interpreted easily through its lyrics of self-doubt, which is commonly detailed througout the EP.

As we near conclusion of the record we reach the sixth and final song, “Escaping Part II”, which is an acoustic rendition of the opening track and offers another showcase opportunity for Jason’s raw, emotional vocal ability.

With "Escape" Montroze have broken away from the standard Pop-Punk mold and offer a mature record about relatable struggles with great dynamic. "Escape" is still yet to have an official release date announced but you can expect it sometime in mid-September on all platforms. Stay involved with Montroze directly through their social medias found here:

Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Twitter | Youtube

Album Art: Isha Shah

Photo: Isha Shah

Photo: Isha Shah

Photos: Isha Shah

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