Jess Moskaluke - CCMA's Female Artist of the Year Nominee

I will be the first to admit that I am not very well versed in the Country music scene.  My most informative source is whatever nonsensical thing Blake Shelton has to say on The Voice.  When the email came through asking if I was available for coverage of a SiriusXM Canada event for Moment Communications photographing Jess Moskaluke at Village Guitar and Amp Co. I was simply just excited for another photo opportunity.  It wasn't until approved and prepping for the event that I discovered Jess is a Saskatchewan native from Langenburg and nominated for Female Artist of the Year for the fourth year in a row and had won the previous three! Heck, I didn't even realize it was the CCMA Awards weekend.  Shake my damn head!  

After a little bit of research I crawled out from the rock I had been hiding under and swiftly learned just how popular and loved Jess is within the Canadian Country music community. It was exciting and refreshing to see such a small-town Saskatchewan artist living out her dream so passionately and successfully. 

Village Guitar and Amp Co. offered a perfectly curated aesthetic for this "SiriusXM House" event with twinkly lights strung overhead, guitars meticulously hanging on the wall, and a wooden backdrop on stage lit up with “Jess Moskaluke”.  The intimate venue filled up promptly as doors opened and everyone was handed a SiriusXM lanyard with their Jess Moskaluke pass. An hour for socializing flew by as openers Leaving Thomas and Bobby Wills took the stage together for a unique two-band, one-stage experience.  First singing a song together, and then taking turns back and forth performing their own originals before wrapping up and joining the crowd on the floor in anticipation for Jess.

Jess’ performance was entirely flawless as she belted out a few hits of her own and even took a stab at Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You after declaring that written music can really be genre-less and transcribed to fit any mould depending on the artists’ interpretations. She smashed that too.

Brian (Snelsey)

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