New Music Series: No. 3 - Bellevue

From the start, Shane and Cody wanted something different for Bellevue. Something bigger. So, when Bellevue was officially announced at the start of July there was an overwhelming sense that they had sights aimed high. With the statement that their debut single "Counting Stars" would be released exclusively through Alternative Press, that feeling transformed into reality in an instant.

Photo: Snelsey

Counting Stars slices open with an attractive guitar riff that piques attention and, coupled with the energy on display in the video, sets a vibrant cadence for the remainder of what is actually more of a love and loss, lyrically expressive song.

"Keep your friends and I'll keep mine, and we'll both go our own ways" stands out as the cornerstone line from the chorus as we begin to interpret what the song is really about. Shane's soft and sultry vocal tone bridges high-energy music with emotive lyrical content allowing freedom for the listener to connect with the song on different levels. Whether you find it uplifting and inspirational or mournful and reflective, one thing is certain, Counting Stars provides a shiny glimpse into the bright future ahead of Bellevue.

Video: Hut Studios

Director: Miguel Aragon


Counting stars again tonight and wondering if you'll ever feel the same way.

Looking back on what we've done, it's hard to think that it's six months we've spent apart. And I know that it's obvious, but I won't get to confident. Spend another winter writing songs about broken hearts. Quit playing games with me this time. I don't want to be toyed with. Keep your friends and I'll keep mine and we'll both go our own ways. I know this never worked for me and we both lack the maturity so, if you could just say your goodbyes and move on with our lives. Looking back on times we've spent, I play it over and over in my head. Caught up in the things you said and the way you left me with a feeling that I'd regret.

In Bellevue's Words

"The debut of "Counting Stars" has already been so amazing. Bellevue would like to take a moment to thank our families, loved ones and all of those who have made this tune come to life. Miguel Aragon, Jonard Tan, James Cabrera, Vanessa Swancar, Franky Courcelles, Pascal Courcelles, Braeden Riehl, Jake Harwood, Brian Snell, Sam Pura, The Panda Studios. This project is forever growing and it truly takes a village "

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