Band Series: No. 3 - Bellevue

July 14, 2017 - Saskatoon

It was important to me that I made time for Shane and Cody when I found out they were coming through Saskatoon again as part of the Storm the Wall team, managing a three week Western Canadian tour for On The Frontline and White Chocolate Thunder. We've developed a great relationship over the past few months, both personal and professional, and I simply wanted to get some good hangs in with them again. It had only been a few months since last seeing Cody when he came through with Franky and Pascal as part of Alone I Walk, but Shane, well it had been just shy of a full year. It was July 26th, 2016 when we met for the first time at Prairie Sun Brewery in the north-end of Saskatoon. Their previous outfit, Coming Out Swinging, was on tour with UK darlings, Montroze (stay tuned for more on them in the near future). My Constant (my band) was asked to step in last minute to round out the bill. If I'm not mistaken they were originally set to play Regina that night but the show fell through and they ended up in Saskatoon with the help of Jared from Mostly Wanted. That's when we got the call-up. It was a fun show and although we only chatted briefly before they carried on with the rest of that tour, it was enough to break the ice before I reached out to inquire about shooting for Alone I Walk when they came through town last April.

As Storm the Wall Productions, Shane and Cody took a chance on me as a photographer. I was just getting my feet wet with only a handful of concert photos up on my Instagram, so there was certainly little indication to prove that I could produce share-worthy content at the time, but with their blessing and approval to shoot with Alone I Walk it offered my first real opportunity and truly set fire to a passion that I was previously hesitant to pursue.

When I first heard the teasers about the new project I was genuinely happy for them and excited to see what they would produce together. Knowing that it was only the two of them added to the mystique and intrigue of it all. As more info came to light about Bellevue and their grandiose plan to debut their first single through Alternative Press, it was then that I reached out to offer my time in providing my own write-up review of the new song. Cody suggested one better and offered the opportunity for me to snap some promos with them when they came through with the tour. Saskatoon was the first stop and they had some downtime before the show which offered the window of time we needed. We explored through downtown and put together a series of promos that offer a few different feels while maintaining the spirit of Bellevue and the passion behind the two men that drive it.

See for yourself below.


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