Live Concert Series: No. 2

Hawthorne Heights - Vangelis Tavern, Saskatoon, June 10, 2017.

- Me The Guts

- A New Rhetoric

- The Puppets

It was a bit of a last minute decision when I finally reached out to Vince with StepKid Events. Precisely 3:52pm to be exact with doors opening at 9:00! But, as usual I wanted to be sure that if I came out to take photos I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes. Often you'll find there is a Tour Photographer travelling with the band so there isn't always a need for another. Vince was kind enough to run it by Hawthorne Heights' management and I got the okay! Three songs, no flash. I can deal with that! My first legitimate taste of the Concert Photography profession.

I went early to check out the other bands playing and was able to snap a few of the openers to get warmed up.

Starting with the main event, scroll on for photos from the show!

Hawthorne Heights:

Me The Guts:

A New Rhetoric:

The Puppets:

#PopPunk #emo #hawthorneheights #saskatoon #VangelisTavern #stepkidevents #concertphotography #yxemusic #YXE #metheguts #anewrhetoric #thepuppets

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