David's New Ride or Die

I saw it right away. The building blocks of a life-long passion stacking up one by one as my little Bro, David, goes on about his newest prized possession. A 1980 Kawasaki KZ750 LTD. Wasting no time jumping into details of day 1 where it breaks down on the ride home only minutes after purchasing it from the previous owner out of a Sobey's parking lot, of all places! Trouble shooting, tinkering and problem solving in Dad's garage and finally getting out for the first official cruise where everything worked as intended. It was an inspiring moment for me hearing the excitement in his voice as he spoke about it. I knew pretty quick we should head out and take some early photos of him with his new companion.

Please enjoy!

#Motorcycle #Kawasaki #KZ750 #KodakMax #YXE #Saskatoon #LifestylePhotography #Snelsey

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